7 lovely shoe styles for children this summer

Child 7 lovely shoe styles for children this summerParents eagerly anticipate new shoe styles hitting the shelves for the summer, so why should the kids miss out? Gone are the days when everyone got the same pair of sandals at the beginning of the summer and a pair of flip flops to wear at the beach. The children’s shoe industry is massive, and the quality brands are paying great attention to detail when bringing out their seasonal collections. Here are our top picks for the top 7 loveliest styles of shoe for children this summe, is no particular order.


Water Sandals

Finally, a shoe for kids that transcends water and dry ground and look good in the process. Kids hate the whole process of shoes on shoes off every time they go in water, especially if clambering around rock pools. These are the answers to theirs, and their parents, prayers.


You will see a lot of little girls this summer at parties, weddings etc wearing metallic silver sandals. The style to be seen in is a good supporting sandal that has a solid strip stretching up the centre which protects the toes and then strips coming off from the side to hold it in place. Call it a junior gladiator sandal without the open toes and you well get the idea.


The soft leather, stitch detail loafers that no self-respecting guy would wear with socks back in the 1980′s is back with a vengeance in the young boy category. You can see why as they are cool, comfortable and great for any special events or just any occasion when you want your boy to look http://tgwb.org/buy-cialis-online/ smart.


Love them or loathe them, once the sun comes out so do the crocs. They always look better is smaller sizes that large ones, and this summer’s styles for kids, both boys and girls, are very attractive.


This season’s ‘plims’ are very cool and kids will love them. For the girls we have flowers, glitter and all manner of funky designs while the boys can choose from camouflage and other trendy designs.

Canvas Slip Ons

The classic casual slip on are both comfortable and practical for kids in the heat of summer, and the wide range of neon colours that are around this year will make them even more popular. Even those with the elastic strap across to help little ones keep them on their feet are very cool and go with a wide range of clothing for kids.

Toe Posts

Kids love wearing the same shoes as grown up, but problems can arise in later years from them scrunching up their toes to keep their toe post sandals in place. When you buy them with a strap around the back to keep them in place it’s a different story and with the great range of colours and  embellishments around at the minute your children can look trendy without doing any damage to their feet. 


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