5 Tips to ensure quality shoes for your children

childlaughingatdaycare2 1 5 Tips to ensure quality shoes for your childrenWith children growing at a sometime alarming rate of knots we are can all be forgiven for buying cheaper clothes so another heap of money doesn’t go down the drain when they have a growth spurt. One area you shouldn’t really economise too much in is footwear. Good quality, well-fitting shoes are essential for young feet to promote healthy development and avoid problems later in life. That said, you don’t have to pay a fortune for these, and here are our tips to ensure that your children are wearing good quality shoes.


This plays a huge factor is kids shoes for one reason; children’s feet need to be able to breathe while they are haring around as 50 mph doing what kids do. Leather is the obvious choice but these can get scuffed and start looking shabby quickly. Veer away from plastics and synthetic materials and go for either trainers that will keep the feet cool or canvas plimsolls. People often make the mistake of thinking that blisters and chafing only come from ill-fitting shoes, they also come from those shoes that cause the feet to over sweat.


Shoe sizes shouldn’t differ between manufacturers, but of course they do. Mass produced 20mg cialis online cheap shoe work of a general template, a quality shoe is checked that it’s the size it says it is. A cheap shoe will come in a standard 4, 5, 6 etc while a quality shoe will offer half sizes. Measure your child’s feet before every new pair of shoes and never presume that because their feet have grown you know what size they are now. Look for width fitting as well as trying to save money on a cheap pair of narrow shoes for a child with a wide foot can lead to a whole host of problems.


A quality shoe will have support at the heel, sides and arch of the foot. If the sides feel flimsy or there is no sponginess when you press on the sole they are offering little in the way of support. Make sure the foot fits right into the shoe and they have support in all the areas they need.


Children need their shoes to move with them during the day so flexibility in a sole is a must. A quality shoe will have some give in it if you try and bend the heel and toe towards each other. The cheap shoes will tend to be rigid when you try this test.

Get what you paid for?

You pay top prices you get top quality, but many people simply cannot afford to spend £50 or £60 on a pair of kids shoes that will be grown out of in a matter of months. There are lot of good quality shoes out there that won’t break the bank – http://www.dancofootwear.com stock a good selection.  However, even top top supermarkets are offering quality shoes these days. Look towards reputable retailers to buy your children’s shoes, and steer clear of the ‘stack ‘em high and sell em’ cheap’ outlets. 

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