Can 20 Minutes Change Your Child’s Life?

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A couple of years ago I attended a professional conference in which John M. Gottman, Ph.D. was the presenter. Dr. Gottman is an internationally acclaimed, research based psychologist, not to mention popular author on the subject of significant relationships. In the conference he presented these startling statistics…



  • Unhappy marriages can increase you chances of getting sick by 35%
  • Unhappy marriages can shorten your life by 4 years
  • Happily married people live longer
  • Happily married people have lower incidences of high blood pressure, heart disease and a host of psychological ailments such as depression, anxiety, suicide, and substance abuse
  • A good marriage may also keep you healthier by directly impacting your immune system, which fights off diseases like cancer and autoimmune disease. There are early findings showing that not only are immune systems healthier, but they get an added boost
  • White blood cells are higher in happy marriages
  • If fitness buffs spent 20 minutes a day working on their immune systems visa vi focusing on their relationships (in a positive way) they would get three times the health benefit of climbing the stair master

I am particularly impressed with the last three bullet points which show the possible correlation between healthy marriages and physical health. As my mind explodes over these findings, it wanders off into multiple paths, but gets stuck on thinking about the implications of this as it it relates to parenting. What would happen if we spent 20 minutes a day focusing in a positive way on our relationships with our children? I am curious to hear your thoughts and begin a discussion on a topic that in my belief has the potential of moving mountains. Ok, I know that might be a little strong, but really it could…couldn’t it? Press the comment button and leave your thoughts.

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Barbara Scoville, LCSW



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