I’m Nati Shaked, and I run Parents Space.

I’m thrilled that you’re here:)

Parents-Space is a space for connecting between parents, and people working with parents.

Let me tell you how it all started:

I was struggling to help my tween cope with some adolescent struggles.

I reached out to my inner circle of friends and family where I found support, but few answers, or even awareness, about what this age group was experiencing.

Knowing I needed guidance, I searched for experts in my area, but was surprised to find no one who specialized in tweens and the particular social dynamics unique to that age group.

Next, I turned to the internet, looking for parenting websites that could provide direction, but found very little in the way of clear advice.

As I looked for help, I became increasingly frustrated, and scared for my daughter and her friends. To help cope with the despair I was experiencing I started blogging about it.

I was overwhelmed by the attention the blog generated!

I received incredible support from complete strangers who could relate to what I was experiencing with my daughter. I felt tremendous relief just knowing I was not alone and that many parents were coping with similar challenges.

The hundreds of wonderful people that contacted me through my blog inspired me to build a parenting website for both experts and parents, dedicated to helping other parents cope and share, and to find support, advice, and parenting experts in their area


My ultimate goal is to connect parents to professionals who can help them make the best parenting decisions through a variety of ages and stages. My hope is no parent will ever feel as alone as I once did!