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If you’re interested in contributing to Parents Space, this page contains all the information you need (and if you still have a question after reading it, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always here ready to address your needs).

1. We only accept original content and request first publication of all posts. Please do not submit posts that have appeared elsewhere.  We will know, and post will be rejected.

2. Posts should be non-promotional in nature. We do not accept paid inbound links or any promotional links.

3. We prefer our articles to be “evergreen,” in other words – relevant for a long time, and not personal in nature or tone.

4. We will review your submission and respond in 2 weeks max, accepted or rejected. In case submission is rejected, we don’t promise to explain the editor’s decision in details, due to lack of time.

5. Submissions:

  • Please send us your photo / A brief bio / Links to your Social Media Channels / your website / Twitter handle / Facebook page.
  • Please only send one article or article idea per email.
  • All submissions should be addressed to service [@] parents-space.com, in an attached Word doc with source links embedded.
  • prefered article length is between 1200 to 2000 words.
  • Always include the relevant source links for each entry with the entry—don’t pile all your sources down at the bottom of the article. We prefer it if you embed the links in your text.
  • At the end of every article we link to another related article or two. Please feel free to suggest at the end of your article.

6. Highly recommended:

  • Please be creative with your titles: smart, short, eye-catching, understandable.
  • Intro: Begin with an insightful, interesting and attention-grabbing opening paragraph to set the scene for your post.
  • Ending: Wrap up your post with a few lines to give the post an appropriate ending. We also suggest that you end by asking a question that involves the reader and encourages comments on your post.
  • Polls / surveys: In case you’d like to add a survey to your post, please add the title and list of questions at the end of the post. See example . From time to time, we reserve the right to add a survey to authors posts ourselves.
  • Image: Any images submitted must be clear of any copyright or trademark infringement and include proper attribution to their creators or owners. Parents-Space assumes no liability for any images supplied by contributors that do not have the appropriate permissions. If we learn that an image has been published without the proper permissions, author and posts will be removed from site. If you are having trouble finding an appropriate image, leave it to us.
  • Please carefully proofread your article before submission.

7. We reserve the right to edit any posts submitted to make sure they’re appropriate for our audience.

8. Please do not reword your source and claim it as your own writing. If you’re taking another writer’s phrasing and re-arranging it, that’s plagiarism. Please don’t do that.

9. Once your article is accepted, you will get a mail when it’s posted, so that you can share and promote it on your own social media channels, and link to it from your website.

With mail, you will also get a Parents-Space button to place in your website, with a link to your article or author page.

10. To increase your articles exposure, it’s recomended that you:

  • Promote and share your post a few times a day to your network through tweeting, posting links on your other social media pages, or however else you think this is best accomplished.
  • Link to your author page or article in your signature file, in your bio when you publish on other sites and anywhere you write.
  • Add parents-space.com to you Google Plus account as a site where you write/work
  • Add parents-space.com on your Facebook page as a site you contribute to.

Questions? Comments? We’re here:)

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