Blurred Lines: Being Real in an Artificial World

by Brenda Yoder, MA
19th April, 2016
Geneseo, IL

Brenda’s new workshop and conference for teen girls, moms, and youth workers is powerful. She’ll be giving two seminars at the national Whatever Girl Live conference, and will be doing two conferences in Illinois for teen girls and their moms.

Blurred Lines: Being Real in an Artificial World

Teens receive confusing messages in today’s culture from peers, family & media about who they should be instead of who God’s created them to be. In their selfie-generation, it’s increasingly hard to be yourself when reality is staged through social media and technology. In this seminar, we’ll equip girls find their Christ-centered identity, arming them with confidence in who they are, not in who others think they should be.

As a former high school teacher and current therapist and professional school counselor, Brenda knows the current culture teen girls live in. Through teaching and interaction with attendees, Brenda also explores ten ways teen girls and young adults can authentically live their Christ-centered identity in an increasingly sexualized, socialized and self-centered world, so they can have impact in their generation.

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