What is life really like for your teenager?

small 1420461308 What is life really like for your teenager?Were your teenage years happy?
Would you go back to that time in your life?
As we look to our own teenagers,
How is life for them?

When we peel away the surface, what is really happening in our teenagers world?


As a girl they have to cope with puberty.
It sounds so simple when you say puberty, just a word to describe growing up.
In reality however it means growing breasts, hair in all sorts of places and the problem of removing it,
fluctuating hormones and of course periods.
Not to mention acne.

Boys have to cope with growing or not growing!
Voice deepening, hair growth and also hormones,
and of course acne is an issue for them too.

Huge physical changes which are of course normal, but for many are very difficult to cope with.

There are also psychological issues.
Some feel fat, others too skinny,
some feel ugly, disliking their hair, face, legs, or maybe even all the above.
For others they are too shy, not naturally an extrovert, but forced to pretend they are.
Peer pressure can also feel very intense.

Many teenagers often feel they have no friends even though we see they do.
Many are also unhappy with their social life.
They look at facebook and everyone’s life seems so exciting, filled with friends and fun.
Others are so popular and happy and having a great time.

For many of our children this Summer,
when we think they should be having the time of their lives,
they are not.

They are no longer children,
who can share most of their problems and worries with their parents.
They are now teenagers so naturally less communicative.
They are also less easy for us to read.

So as we look at our teens out “enjoying life”,
we should perhaps look a little deeper.
Maybe try to see beneath the surface,
and remember some of our own teenage trials.
Then ask ourselves “Are they indeed having the time of their lives?”.

photo credit: chuckp via photopin cc

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