Why is my mother coming out of my mouth?!


Why is my mother coming out of my mouth?

Why is my mother coming out of mouth? I mean seriously! As a child I thought if I ever heard “Ain’t ain’t a word, cause it ain’t in the dictionary” one more time, I would commit some unthinkable act!  But as I go through my day-to-day parenting I hear my mother coming out of my mouth. And guess what, it is not so horrible!  And the evil cycle will start again….


So why is my mother coming out of my mouth? Because she was a good mother. Because what she taught me, and my siblings, in her every day parenting, was good and proper and respectable. And why is my mother coming out of my mouth? Because I want to raise my children to be good, respectable and proper human beings. And my mother wasn’t as much of a pain in the buttocks as I had thought. Go figure! I guess she really did know what she was doing. Does that mean that I am on the right track?!

Parenting is a learning process. And your first-born is the guinea pig. Come to think about it, all of your children – whether you have 1 or 10 – are guinea pigs. Why? Because, unless you have a duplicator hidden in a secret room in your basement, each of your children are different and call for different approaches to parenting. Why didn’t they tell us that when we decided to start a family? Oh yeah, we wouldn’t have listened and if we did it would have been with 1/2 an ear – and it wouldn’t be the better half! 

There is no such thing as a perfect parent, so just be a real parent.

There is no such thing as a perfect parent, so just be a real parent.

My mother comes out of my mouth with words of love, words of reprimand, words of correction and direction and I want to thank my mom for coming out of my mouth. I hope that one day, my children will find me coming out of their mouths as they raise their own families and if they do I will have proof positive that I, too, have raised my children with the same wonderful words of parenting that BOTH of my parents raised my siblings and I.

So if you too find your mother coming out of your mouth don’t freak out. Unless of course they are words of condemnation, debasing, or damage. Make sure that the words that come out are words of love, encouragement and growth. A wonderful article to read is:


I joke with my children with things like:

I am gonna sell ya’ to da’ gypsies on the next train…

Stop picking on your sister or I’ll bop ya’ over da’ head

I’m gonna’ smoosh you like a bug…

True, these words, at face value, are not words of love and encouragement, but in our household they ARE words of love and encouragement. You too may have your own family’s phrases that bring smiles to your children’s faces. Or make them roll their eyes and say “if I hear my mom say that one more time I am going to do some unthinkable act!”  Hopefully you do, because that means one day they too will be saying, “Why is my mother coming out of my mouth?!”