The Benefits of accident Insurance

accident insuranceI took out an accident insurance plan six years ago no knowing if I would ever need it, but having two boys thought I eventually would. Thankfully, we had only had to use it once for my husband(since divorced) until ten days ago. My oldest slammed his finger in the car door and we had to take a trip to emergency room.

Six years ago the school district I work for offered us accident insurance. Having two young boys at home, I decided to get the family coverage. My then husband had a wreck within a year of getting this insurance, and it helped covered many of the copays. Since then, we have not needed it until last week. My oldest son slammed his left index finger in the car door. When it wouldn’t stop bleeding, and no it wasn’t gushing, after an hour, I took him to the emergency room. He had a hematoma under the nail and the tip of his finger was broken. They took care of the hematoma and splinted his finger. The co-pay was $150 for the visit.

I called the accident insurance company and got the paperwork I needed to file a claim. I faxed it in the day after the ER visit.  We followed up with a orthopedist four days later, and thankfully it was healing and he was told he could remove the splint in another week! I then faxed the paperwork for the doctor visit to the accident insurance company. I decided to call today and see how the claim was going and also be sure they had gotten the fax. I was told they had put a check in the mail to me today. I was getting $100 towards the ER visit, the co-pay for the trip to the orthopedic doctor and another $100 because Jacob had fractured his finger. This will be enough to pay for all of his co-pays and I am going to put the rest in his savings account(which really isn’t that much) to help cover his car insurance.

I am hoping that we don’t have any more trips to the emergency room in our future, but I am glad that we have this insurance. No one knows when an accident can happen and even with good health insurance, the co-pays can add up. I am glad that I have this option with my employer!

  • Jenna

    I never knew something like that existed! My son, who was 14mths at the time, had his finger shut accidentally in our sun room door by his big sister. He had the same thing your son did but he had to have a pin surgically put in because he was so young and 5 weeks later removed. We have about 3,000 in debt from it. :( I really need to get that for my family because he is a crazy little man who never stops moving.