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problem1 A Warning to Parents Who are NOT Worried About Omegle

Surprisingly enough,  by far the most read article in this site the last weeks, is this . Shortly after Reading this article, I was stunned to discover that my naive 12 daughter is very much familiar with Omegle, and I am daily,  since then, amazed to see the endless “Omegle” search terms leading readers to

Well my dear parents, wherever you may be:



Omegle is used for talking to strangers with video chat.

You think that this has nothing to do with YOUR  children, don’t you?

Or better – you don’t believe me that it’s dangerous.

Or – You do believe me, and you don’t think that your children are such naive angels, but you are positive that you would have known if your kids where using it.

Whatever it is you think:

Please take a moment to Google “Omegle” and “images”.

If you think that this has nothing to do with your naive children, well – MY naive kid’s 12 old friends are already there, daily chatting with strangers.

They don’t understand the dangers.

The boys? They are discussing penis sizes there, comparing it with strangers.

The girls? They feel flattered.

They think that chatting with 18 old boys in Omegle is Cool.

They do it together in a groups, so they giggle and feel safe.

I know, I talked to them openly about it.

They asked me this:

“But we are not meeting them, so what are you afraid of? Will they come to our house and rape us??? Come on!”

If you still think it happens only in other families, well – my daughter peers were using Omegle to watch this disgusting guy’s penis, while us involved moms where chatting one meter away from them about internet safety, not having any idea whatsoever about what they are doing.

Video chat sites were there before Omegle, (chat roulette for example),  and will continue to be after Omegle.

They are usually developed with good intentions in mind, and are becoming porn shortly after they hit the market.

Then they disappear and others are replacing them.

Parents: I don’t have enough words to explain how important it is to keep open communication routes with your teens on internet safety in general, and on Omegle in particular.







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