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Home schooling mother of 3 amazing children, life coach/public speaker specializing in positive parenting of special needs children.

MP900438787 300x200 Increase Children’s Fruits and Vegetables IntakeWe all know that our children are supposed to eat a well-balanced diet. We are all aware of our national food guides such as the Canada Food Guide (depending on your country of residence yours might be different) No matter what nation’s official food guide you follow, they all say the same thing about fruits and vegetables: That they are healthy and that multiple servings of different colors should be consumed every day. There are numerous studies out there that state the same thing. But what happens when you have more than just a picky eater?

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Proud mommy of 4 girls (ages 16, 12, 11 and 5), wife, destination portrait, wedding photographer and believer.

lunch e1374564714328 10 ideas for healthy school lunchesThere is a lot of pressure in packing a school lunch. Everyone is frantically searching for ideas for their child’s lunch box, as am I, because this school year I am taking the challenge to provide my children with healthy school lunches from home.  Crazy I know, however towards the end of the last school year I became a Vegetarian and have been feeding my children in a totally different manner all summer long.  Their taste buds have changed and while they will still eat meat on occasion, I am determined to provide them with a much better alternative.  I recall paying all this money last year to the school cafeteria only to find out my kids were getting their lunch plates and then tossing the food in the garbage, complaining that it tasted nasty or looked disturbing.  No more wasted money, no more wasted food for this mom!

10 ideas for healthy school lunches to get you started:

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I'm a passionate mother of a two and half year old boy. I enjoy observing and understanding predispositions of a child.

IMG 3077 300x200 A chocolate y treat: Nutty Brownie Recipe

Hi Moms and Dads out there…

Have you been looking for a perfect chocolate-y treat for your kids and family? Brownie is the word.  I made this Nutty Brownie; they came out outrageously chocolate-y, soft and gooey in the centre and tart-like on the outside. You may want your friends to cram your house with a fair trial, pinky swear.

This is one of the turn-ons here icon smile A chocolate y treat: Nutty Brownie Recipe  Those of you who don’t prefer brownie, I will engage with blondie, if possible next week.

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Kristen currently lives in Toronto, Ontario with her partner and 2 cats. She has a Bachelor of Social Work from Ryerson University and engages in anti-oppressive work.

ID 10076858 150x150 Body Image: Healthy Instead of ThinI don’t put a lot of thought into my weight or my diet. I have always been moderately active, have eaten fairly healthy and despite going through the expected body changes of puberty (getting my “womanly shape”) I have not concerned myself with gaining or losing weight. I understand that this is “thin privilege”; weight has never been an issue for me but as I’m learning I am not as immune to body image issues as I think.

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I'm a passionate mother of a two and half year old boy. I enjoy observing and understanding predispositions of a child.

IMG 3411 300x200 Authentic ANZAC biscuits

In loving memory of war veterans and faithful soldiers, our minds gather the ambiance of struggles of past years and of course ANZAC biscuits. These biscuits were previously known as thick wafers, sent by wives of soldiers meant for consumption with longer shelf life hence I believe for the omission of egg.

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I live in Ireland and am a mom to four children, One is a pre teen, two are teenagers and the eldest is in her twenties and away at college.

small 5350627034 e1366743372356 Is my child overweight or obese?Before you answer this question,
look at the statistics for childhood obesity.

33% of parents who had obese teenagers,
believed their childs weight was not an issue.

75% of parents who had overweight teenagers,
Also believed their childrens weight was not an issue.

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I am the mom of 11, grandmother to 3, including a grandson with autism, mother-in-law to 3 and have been married to an amazingly patient man for 36 years.

file000375637848 150x150 DIY Dinners Have It Your WayWe love to have DIY dinners. We try to have at least one meal a week where the kids get to essentially make their own dinner.  It encourages making good food choices and participating in the meal prep.


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I'm a passionate mother of a two and half year old boy. I enjoy observing and understanding predispositions of a child.

IMG 4193 300x200 A wonder recipe for fussy kids Oatmeal Banana Pancakes

Something happened to my son’s appetite some months back and so tried many tricks to get back on track. Though it’s quite common for distractedness to pick on young kids, it is a moment where every mom tries hard to stay at ease. I was one of them. I learnt the likings of my son’s palate  and was experimenting different combinations of flavors.



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"Sarah Myles is a freelance writer. Originally from London, Sarah now lives in North Yorkshire with her husband, two children and two cats."

FruitAndVegFace Fussy EatingDuring my pregnancy, and when my babies were small, all I heard about was the fact that the wider the variety of foods I introduced to them during weaning, the less fussy they would be about eating when they were older.

I was determined. I spent lots of money on baby recipe books, and spent hundreds of hours making weird and wonderful purees with my special baby food blender.


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Cecilia runs her own small sustainable farm on the prairies of Illinois, milking her cow and raising sheep and pigs and chickens.

naming names parents High Tea The Best Time for Kids to Eat !

Food is an important part of a balanced diet.  ~Fran Lebowitz.

Hi! This is Nanny C popping over from the farm to see how you are all doing.

I thought that today we would talk about one of the most important meals of the day for a child. 

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