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One of the most valuable lessons that  Active Kiddies,  believe in, is that kids learn the importance and significance of charity in any community at an early age.

By setting an example and practicing the habit as a family early on, it will be a practice that kids can carry on as adults to contribute to those less fortunate for a lifetime.

Tips to to teach kids about charity:

Donate Unused Items

Make it a habit to do a spring cleaning in the home a few times a year to rid the home of unused clothing or items and donate them to the those in need. Find a local donation center, and ask your child to choose what they want to donate. Don’t be afraid to drive through low-income neighborhoods to show your kids where the goods will be going to, which will make the situation more real.

Practice Giving

Most kids are given an allowance and are able to earn money around the home by doing different chores. Teach them the importance of giving a portion of their money to a charitable cause, which can help other children who may be suffering from a disease or are in foster care. By showing your kids where you donate your own money, it will motivate them to enjoy giving what they already have with your example.


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Volunteer in the Community

Take time each month to volunteer in the community with your children, whether at a local soup kitchen or food drive. The kids can learn how to serve meals to those in need and help prepare the food in the kitchen, or even greet visitors who have come to eat.

The holidays are an ideal time to increase serving and help in charitable ways, even serving meals on Thanksgiving or Christmas to those who would otherwise not have a meal on the holiday. You can discuss the idea with your kids and encourage them on why it’s important to help other people, making the decision as a family instead of forcing them to do so.

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Donate Christmas Gifts

Several organizations ask for donations in the months of November and December for children who are in need and would appreciate gifts. Operation Christmas Child is an example of a charity that accepts shoebox gifts that are full of toys that children can enjoy. The organization will even specify the age and gender of the child beforehand to make it easy to decide what items and gifts can be placed in the shoebox.

Food drives are also commonplace during the holiday season, as canned or dehydrated food can be donated to several different charities and at local stores. Ask your child what food they’d like to donate, and have them help you go through the pantry or shop at the grocery store for items that will be appreciated by those in need.

Motivate Children with Their Own Charity

To further the motivation and self-confidence of children, you can encourage them to start their own drive at school for something that they can both pitch and organize with your help. Kids can decide who the drive will contribute to and what items will be accepted. School supplies can be received at the beginning of the school year in the fall and can be donated to kids in the school who may need backpacks, rulers, and crayons.

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