Baby and Puppy – Cutest Pictures Ever!

Nati Shaked by Nati Shaked

Baby and puppy…Have you ever seen cutest pictures than these?

Well, I haven’t…  Jessica Shyba is the name of the blogger, and the ever so gifted photographer who created this awesome cutness.

The pictures of her puppy Theo and baby boy Beau napping are priceless, and I do believe that these are so far the most amazing pictures of baby napping with dog, that were photographed.

You would probably want to know how it all begun.

Well that’s a nice story as well:

Theo’s older siblings asked Santa for a puppy in Christmas, and so the parents started looking for one in shelters.

After a few weeks of searching they found the puppy of dreams :)  Theo

Theo started joining Beau for his daily nap of course, who would say no to that? I wouldn’t!

Jessica started taking pictures and uploading them to her Instagram account, andthe rest is history:

Many hundreds of thousands of the Instagram account followers since then indicate that we’re not the only one thinking that these pictures are just faboulous.

Baby and puppy – guess that’s the cutest it ever gets!

We can just look and look forever and ever on these pictures.

You can see the evolution of Theo and Beau here, and specifically recomended to follow Shyba’s Instagram.

baby and puppy

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Do you know what the no. 1 secret to taking great baby photos is?
This is the secret:

Whatever you learned or were told before, please take this advice from me:
Always – when taking pictures of babies or toddlers, take close-ups.
It will upgrade your results substentially.
Oh, and don’t forget to let me know that I was right:)
You can just send me your photos of baby  with puppy, or other beautiful close ups:)
I promiss to upload them to Parents-space Facebook page.