The Book of Maybe – A Book of Hope and Courage

Sometimes I find myself thinking of how I met Allison.

It was one of those days, when I felt like the only thing I  want to do is disappear.

My dad was hospitalized for an emergency heart surgery, a boy I knew took his life, my daughter was having a  difficult teen day, and I found myself crying endlessly, unable to stop.

Sometimes it is easier to rant to strangers then to your close friends, and I found myself writing the whole story in my blog, feeling so sorry for myself…

Much to my surprise, my post got many warm and encouraging comments from total strangers.

One of those was Allison.

I’ve been following Allison’s blog  for some time before, but I wasn’t aware that she was following mine.

Allison Carmen is a business coach, a consultant and author, which has developed the simple life philosophy called “Maybe” to help people deal with the uncertainty of life.

Allison contacted me and suggested to send me her book, “The book of Maybe”.

I admit that I felt somewhat uncomfortable. I mean, how many times does a total stranger offer you a gift, just to make you feel good?

Sure enough, 2 weeks later I received “The Book of Maybe”.

It was waiting by my bed for me to read for some time, but I didn’t get to reading it until I went to Italy for a vacation.

It was last May in Green Umbria, that I discovered the power of this easy to read and wonderfully written  book – The book of Maybe.

Inspiring as well as practical – you start reading, and just can’t put it down.

Allison Carmen is a great story-teller, and you can connect to her from the moment you start reading her book.

When I read about how she was addicted to certainty, it was my first a-ha moment, one of many that followed. 

Don’t we all often see a one way or a dead-end road?

Allison presents a simple but powerful philosophy of “Maybe”, a great space where creativity and endless possibilities can exist.

This book presents a clear message and strategy for getting most out of life without fear, and since reading it, dead ends don’t seem as dead ends anymore.

“The book of maybe” gave me hope and courage when I needed it most, and helps me daily improve  my communication with my friends and family:  A highly uplifting recommended book, written by a very special person.

Oh, and another thing: I asked Allison to be a contributing author in this site, and she agreed!

You can read her posts here:


The Book of Maybe: Finding Hope and Possibility in Your Life

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