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הורד 5 Pool Etiquette Musts for MommiesIf you have children it’s really important to be respectful of the people around you — especially if they are childless.

I created this list after trying to enjoy pool time at our affordable canmore accommodations.

Five Pool Etiquette Must Do’s, which I am teaching my children:



1. Kids like to splash each other at the pool. That is totally find, but sometimes when they splash each other they splash people who don’t want to be splashed— like a mom. Let’s be frank, I’m talking about on purpose splashes. Obviously if you did into the pool, you expect to get wet. I accept that fully. Its the kids who do it on purpose— to be funny or obnoxious— that are being disrespectful.

2. When you are in the water close your mouth. Kids do not seem to grasp this concept. They’ll canon ball into the pool, and then resurfaces bug eyed and gasping because they’ve swallowed so much pool water. First of all it’s not healthy, and secondly they are drinking other people’s urine!

3. All Toys are Not Communal: People bring lots of toys to the pool. They’ll bring floaties, balls, goggles, squishy balls and other things. And it’s intended to be shared, if the owner isn’t using it. Many mother’s mark their toys with their last name in black sharpie. Toys are free to use, but when the owner wants their toys back, rolling your eyes and causing a ruckus isn’t practicing proper etiquette. Just give the toy back and let there be peace in the pool.

4. Eating in the pool: It’s not okay to bring food into the pool. The crumbs clog the drain and then the filtration system doesn’t work properly. If you’re going to eat, eat off shore and throw all your garbage away. Last time I was there a mother was feeding her children pizza in the pool. The child actually dropped the hot, goopy, goodness into the pool, which contaminated the waters.

5. Peeing in the pool: Okay, we’ve all done it. We’re all guilty, but if you can, train your children to not pee in the pool. Children are very honest at this age, and it’s easy to train them not to go number one or two in the pool.

They won’t lie and will admit to their wrong doing. Start them young, and keep the pools clean!








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