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July 2012 113 copy e1366883010974 Raising Children: A Manual for Each One.

26% of the world population are under 15 and that implies that there are 18,2 million kids roaming the earth. And fortunately for most of them; they are not mindless zombies with no direction or sense of life, they are guided and tutored by adults, occupying several different roles, parents, single parents, gay parents, care givers, teachers and foster parents; to only name a few.

This statistic is terrifying, unsettling and astonishing at the same time.  It emphasizes the important responsibility that we as parents have, to ensure that our children becomes stable, productive and inspirational members of our society.  To allow them to teach and guide the next generations that will be arriving on our planet.

And we all know how easy that is!  If raising kids were easy then websites like these would not be necessary.  Countless guides on parenting would not be required, and television talk-shows on the subject wouldn’t have to be aired.  Parents wouldn’t need advice, they wouldn’t need to talk about it.  And a lot of people wouldn’t have reasons to hate their parents.  This is obviously not the case.  Good parenting is, let’s just say, challenging.

As a first post on this amazing website, I would like to share two snippets of wisdom.  As a dad, learning from my mistakes, I hold them very close to my heart.

Whatever your beliefs may be, know this, when  a child is created God selects the parents.  He makes the choice of placing a specific child with specific people.  We don’t pick our children, in a sense they pick us.  So if God reckons that you are capable and worthy enough to do the job, then why should we doubt ourselves?  It is not coincidence that you have specific children, it is divine intervention.  Trust His decision. (and ask for help!)

And then the second thing is to accept that there are no right of wrong decisions in parenting.  You will probably end up doing something that your kids won’t like, accept it.  Children are unique individuals and each one needs very specific parenting.  Unfortunately there is no generic recipe that we can use.  My wife always says that if there was a manual for raising children, then each child would need there own.  That’s a pretty big library.

So hopefully I can add a few pages to all the individual  manuals that we are constantly writing for our children.  It has been said numerous times, it takes a village to raise a child and we need all the help we can get.

What do you think?

2 Responses to “Raising Children: A Manual for Each One.”

  1. Beth Johnson Says:

    If we parents think we are the ones who can take the praise for the good results (i.e. good kids turn out wonderfully), then why do we refuse the blame for the failures (kids who reject us and the system)?

  2. Pieter Kwakernaak Says:

    I think that is an excellent comment. More people might flinch, rather than smile at that one!

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