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pool thumb Planning for a Water BirthAs I’m sure many other mothers did, I found preparing for the birth of my first child quite a stressful time; not just the morning sickness and general effects it was having on my body, but also planning for the birth itself. Like most of my friends, I’d spent a good amount of time looking into the best foods to eat, what I should and shouldn’t be doing to help the baby… as I said stressful.


I’d always assumed I would give birth at the hospital, because just about everyone I knew had, but during the pregnancy, I had read a couple of stories about women that had actually had a natural water birth at home.

Now, at first it seemed like a terrible idea to me (not to mention my partner!). I mean giving birth at home! And without an epidural?! Madness!

However, after finding out more about it from my doctor, it seemed that the concept of a home birth in the 21st Century wasn’t as uncommon as I thought it might be.

One of the main advantages of a home water birth was the fact that you were in surroundings you know and feel comfortable in. The water is quite soothing and relaxing, but it does more than that, it actually helps soften the tissues of the perineum, reducing the physical effect of the birth, meaning you’re less likely to tear.

In the end I decided I’d go with the water birth at home, and I started purchasing my pre birth products from a company called Made in Water, which was recommended to me by my doctor (they supplied the hospital with La Bassine Birth Pools). They had everything from the birth pool itself which was available in a range of sizes and at a range of prices (some of which were more affordable than others I might add).

However, I found the supportive pillow to be particularly useful, as it made sleeping so much easier during my pregnancy. I also wanted to make sure that I didn’t have as much work to do after the pregnancy, in terms of getting my figure back, so decided to get one of the birthing balls too. I also found the birthing ball was good for helping me with my posture and dealing with the added weight on my back. There were a crazy amount of pre natal exercises in booklet they provided too, I can’t believe someone sits around thinking them up!

I would suggest buying a birthing book too, as it will help you understand a bit more about water births, breastfeeding and what to do with your little one when he/she finally makes an appearance! I would recommend a natural water birth to anyone; it’s not as scary as it sounds!

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