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Lately I’ve come  to understanding that I’m not very good at adapting to my new role – a tween parent. My daughter is twelve, and I find myself overwhelmed daily, being exposed to her world, which is soooo very different from my world at 12.

Take Omegle dangers, for example:

I would have never learned about Omegle and Omegle dangers, if not for this post:

Even when I read it, I never even dreamed that my 12 blue eyes daughter is familiar with Omegle.

Until that moment, when she saw me looking at Omegle icon and asked me – “mommy, how do you know Omegle?”

Let me tell you this – reading about Omegle dangers, and then learning that my daughter is familiar with Omegle – that was not easy for me at all. 

My anxiety increased, when at same day I learned from other peers parents that one of her friends asked his parents what a 7 inches penis stood for: You see, In my country we use cms and not inches to measure, and therefore when this man, very much occupied with the size of his penis, showed it to my daughter’s peers with unclear instructions. They asked their parents for clarifications.

Which is good. I mean, how else could we have known about Omegle dangers?

How else could we, as parents who are not updated daily about new apps, and not even half familiar with the internet as our children, can know what they are doing there at all?

I am a scared mom, having trouble adapting to technology. Whatever I do to fight that, including building this site, I can see how, as my daughter grows, the world looks more and more intimidating to me.

Omegle dangers is only one example!

The school arranged a lecture to the tweens about internet dangers. The lecturer is a known police figure ,who’s  in charge of the computer crimes.

The tweens were shocked when he told them about this guy who raped a boy after convincing him that he will sell him computer games.

My blue eyes tween asked me if this is a pedophile, or a gay…confusing indeed.

Do you remember us dealing with this info as children? I don’t.

And not that my childhood was heaven, but sorry, all you parents out there – parenting today is very different and requires us to adapt, and Omegle dangers, which you are probably not informed off at all, are only the edge.

I’m a scared mom, passing my fear forward to my children.

I don’t like it at all. I’m sure that growing with a secure feeling is better than seeing an enemy everywhere you look.

Unfortunately,  so far I don’t see any other choice.







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  1. Andrea McDaniel Says:

    I know I personally watch every single move my children make when it come to being online! The internet scares me and online predators are something we must protect our children from.

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